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Mavuno Harvest Jackfruit Dried Fruit Snacks | Unsweetened Organic Dried Jackfruit Chips | Gluten Free Healthy Snacks for Kids and Adults | Vegan, Non GMO, Direct Trade | 1 Pound Bag

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Product Description Started by a Peace Corps volunteer, Mavuno Harvest believes in the potential of small-scale African farmers and partners directly with them to avoid waste and sell their full harvest. Organic fruits with absolutely nothing added, these natural snacks help you feel full, refreshed, and happy. From the Manufacturer Delicious organic snacks Our delicious and healthy dried fruits are grown organically without the use of GMO’s, chemical pesticides or fertilizers. These fruits are pure and packed with vitamins and essential nutrients, with no added sugar or preservatives. Ethically sourced and naturally delicious, just as nature intended. Fair trade, ethically sourced Mavuno Harvest was started by a Peace Corps volunteer who saw that African farmers were unable to sell their full harvests due to limited access to markets. The process of drying fruit generates more jobs in local communities and enables farmers to sell their entire harvest. Fair trade practices Mavuno Harvest opens up new markets and pays farmers a Fair Trade premium, which is used to build schools, dig water wells and purchase farming equipment like wheelbarrows. The perfect snack Clean. Healthy. Natural. No added sugar or preservatives. Organic. Delicious. Gluten free. Fair Trade. Direct Trade. Non-GMO. Available in 3-packs, 6-packs, variety packs and 1 lb. bags. We know our farmers by name Founder Phil Hughes with Muwonge Herbert in Uganda. With the money earned from last years harvest, Herbert bought more land where he planted more papaya trees, effectively doubling his income. Having a steady market has allowed Herbert to see his papayas as an asset, and his farm as a business. Feed your body, feed the world Grab our delicious, natural and organic healthy snacks today and know you’re giving your body the nutrients it needs to thrive, while giving African family farmers the chance at a better future. About the Startup Describe your product in 3 words.Healthy, Natural, DeliciousHow did you come up with the idea for this product?The founder was a Peace Corps volunteer who wanted to help African farmers by providing the opportunity to sell their full harvests and get paid more. What makes your product special?Our product is not only delicious, healthy, organic, clean and natural - it also is a business model which generates jobs and economic growth in rural African villages.What has been the best part of your startup experience?The best part of the Mavuno Harvest experience is meeting our farmers in person, and hearing their stories of how they’ve grown their farms and incomes now that they can sell their full harvests.

About this item

  • ORGANIC DRIED JACKFRUIT - Experience a unique taste from the tropics of Africa with our delicious, mild, organic Dried Jackfruit. Mavuno’s Organic Jackfruit is the perfect healthy, nutrient-packed snack for when your mind and body just need that extra boost on-the-go!
  • DRIED JACKFRUIT TREATS - We all just want a tasty, healthy snack to treat ourselves to. What could be better than a pack of tangy Jackfruit? High in Vitamin C, antioxidants, and fiber, enjoy each satisfying bite of nature’s mouthwatering gifts.
  • BULK PACK - Resealable bulk pack keeps your dried fruit fresh and delicious, perfect for keeping in the car, taking to work, or giving the kids as the best school snack ever! When you want a grab ‘n go snack but don’t want the junk, Mavuno Harvest is the perfect choice.
  • ALL NATURAL - Mavuno Harvest Dried Jackfruit are USDA Organic, and completely natural, with no funky additives you can’t pronounce! Vegan, Gluten free, Non GMO Project Verified, and with no added sugar or preservatives, Organic Dried Jackfruit is a natural snack that will leave you feeling full, refreshed and happy.
  • MAVUNO HARVEST - Ethically sourced. Naturally delicious. Making a difference with every bite. Mavuno Harvest partners directly with rural farmers in Ghana to avoid waste and sell their full harvest. Grown with care and love by rural African farming communities, Direct Trade practices help African farmers build sustainable businesses that positively impact their communities.

Ethically Sourced, Naturally Delicious

Mavuno, Dried Fruits, Cashew Nuts2b

Looking for snacks without any added junk? Our organic dried fruits and nuts taste great, and are powerhouses of vitamins and minerals!

Mavuno Harvest works with small farming cooperatives to create supply chains to bring delicious, organic dried fruits and nuts to you and your family. Opening new markets increases farmer incomes, avoids food waste, secures existing jobs and even creates new ones. Mavuno Harvest gives consumers the opportunity to directly impact struggling farming communities and economies, while enjoying delicious, organic snacks.





In rural communities throughout the world, prices for fresh fruit are low in the peak season when supply exceeds demand. Farmers take their fruit to local markets but can only sell up to 30% of their harvest. The rest goes unsold and rots.

There has to be a better way right? Yes there is!

Drying fruit is a simple preservation technique, which means no fruit is wasted due to rot, and the farmers sell 100% of their harvest.

This process not only extends food supplies, it also creates jobs for the local community. Dried fruit even fetches higher prices than fresh fruit. It's an approach that helps lift small farming communities out of poverty!

Power snacks should be an important part of your diet. They provide energy in the middle of the day or when you exercise. A nutritious snack between meals can also decrease your hunger and keep you from overeating at meal time.

Mavuno Harvest believes you can snack guilt-free by avoiding over-processed foods loaded with extra sugars and ingredients you can’t even pronounce!

All of our dried fruits and nuts are organic certified and have absolutely zero added sugars or preservatives. A true natural snack to power you through your busy day.

Mavuno Harvest works with small scaling farming cooperatives, mainly based in sub-Saharan Africa (Burkina Faso, Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire, Uganda and Kenya).

Mavuno Harvest is a Direct Trade certified company, meaning the company builds and maintains relationships with the farmers and processors who grow our fruits and nuts. Direct Trade eliminates expensive steps between the farmer and consumer, and was developed to improve the increasingly convoluted fair trade system, which often places an expensive burden on farmers to maintain their certification. Direct Trade ensures that both the farmers (who are getting paid more) and the consumers (who are getting better products) are happy!

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