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101 UX Principles: Actionable Solutions for Product Design Success, 2nd Edition

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From the Publisher

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UX book

book author UX

This book is a 'shortcut to success' for less experienced designers and a challenge to conventional thinking for seasoned UX professionals.

About the author:

Will Grant is a veteran product designer and UX professional with over 20 years of experience overseeing the design, information architecture, and usability of web and mobile products that have reached over a billion users.

What's new in this edition?

Available in print, Kindle, and audio formats, this book includes a broad set of 101 guidelines to design digital products. There are thousands more out there, but these are the core principles that will make most products more usable and effective. Following these guidelines will save you time and make your users happier.

  • Follow simple, straightforward, and fundamental principles of good UX design
  • Learn from case studies and visual examples
  • Develop the mindset to fight for the user and build products that users will love
  • Become a better UX professional and implement experiences that work, avoid common pitfalls, and grow your confidence to fight for the user
  • Save design cycles and make users happier with 101 proven UX principles

Optimizing a design

A/B testing

Adjusting experiences

Skeleton screens

Complexity can be good for some users

Ask “What is wrong with the current system?” before optimizing a design for user needs that don't exist.

Use A/B testing to test your ideas

Learn to use this technique to work out which design performs better.

Allow for obvious, easy or possible interactions

Don't give users too much control over their experience, as this will naturally lead to features that are used less frequently, or settings that only a small percentage of users will change.

Avoid vanity splash screens

Learn to use skeleton screens to impress your users while your app loads.

Optimizing interfaces

Categorize settings

Easy checkout

Great UI

Optimize your interface for mobile

Take modern UX principles from different parts of this book and use them to deliver better mobile experiences with the "UX for mobile" cheatsheet.

Categorize settings in an accessible way

Learn how to order your pages based on “jobs to be done,” not necessarily on system function.

Make it easy for users to pay you

Whether they're complex credit card forms, requesting too much information on lengthy order forms, or unclear plan details, an unintuitive UI can cost you your business. Prevent cart abandonment with better checkouts.

Give users the experience they expect

Grow user satisfaction not by reinventing the wheel, but by giving the users a wheel that they already know how to use.

UX principles guide

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