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Which eCommerce categories generate the most revenue?

Discover the most recent statistics on the leading eCommerce sectors in the United States within this article.

By the conclusion, you will possess a stronger understanding of the online shopping behaviors of consumers; information that can be utilized to expand your eCommerce enterprise.


In addition to the primary online shopping categories, we will illustrate which product sectors are experiencing an increase or decrease in popularity, how the top categories vary in other nations, and which categories are especially favored online in contrast to brick-and-mortar retail stores.

The Top Online Shopping Categories in the US By Revenue

  1. Computer and consumer electronics: $219.33 billion (21.2% of total sales in the US market)
  2. Apparel and accessories: $203.75 billion (19.7%)
  3. Furniture and home furnishings: $129.45 billion (12.5%)
  4. Health and personal care and beauty: $111.03 billion (10.7%)
  5. Auto and parts : $86.26 billion (8.3%)
  6. Food and beverage: $78.28 billion (7.6%)
  7. Toys and hobby: $74.03 billion (7.2%)
  8. Books/music/video: $54.02 billion (5.2%)
  9. Office equipment and supplies: $19.35 billion (1.9%)

All other product categories account for $58.32 billion in revenue (5.6% of the total retail eCommerce market).

   Growing Vs. Falling Categories

Surprisingly, all of the top online shopping categories are on the rise! It's not a trick question after all. In fact, the US eCommerce market as a whole experienced a remarkable growth of 14.1% in 2022. That's quite impressive, isn't it?

Among these categories, the Auto and parts sector takes the crown for being the fastest growing. It soared by a staggering 30.1% year over year in 2022. Talk about zooming ahead!

However, there's always an exception to the rule. Sales in the "other" categories unfortunately declined by 4.5%. But fear not, because the other nine categories showcased positive growth.

Now, let's dive deeper into the numbers. By comparing the growth of each category to the overall market growth, we can identify which ones are rising or falling in relation to their fellow eCommerce categories.

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